As a doula (literal translation: serving woman) I provide continuous guidance during birth, from the moment you want me to be there as parents-to-be until you are comfortable for me to leave after the birth. This can be in a home birth setting as well as with a birth in hospital. No change of shifts, but a familiar face throughout the entire process. I am here for physical, emotional, practical and informational support.

Trust, security and the feeling of full support regardless of the duration of the birth and your wishes regarding giving birth, provide a feeling of safety.

I will help you, (and if there is a partner both of you) to enter the process together. Childbirth is a wonderful process in which I support with my knowledge of the available options, the stages of giving birth and techniques to stimulate dilation per phase. Confidence and relaxation are key words.

Good preparation, in which we look at possible tensions and/or fears and looking for possibilities to release them, is part of the process leading up to the birth.


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