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How do I work


How do I work

A beautiful interplay of birthing hormones takes place in the woman's body: hormones that prepare the cervix for dilation, hormones that induce contractions, natural painkillers and hormones that give you an energy boost when needed.

I have extensive knowledge of the physical processes and techniques that promote relaxation in the mother, so that these hormones can do their job.

During the prenatal appointments we pay a lot of attention to you and your partners needs, wishes and fears. This creates a relationship of trust from which we can all respond well to your individual wishes.

This good preparation is very important. If your wishes are clear, you can coordinate well with the entire birth team (midwife, nurses, gynaecologist) and this creates connection. I will inform you of your rights as a woman in labour. I indicate which options there are regarding childbirth and we will look for your needs to follow your own path. We are looking for what gives you strength and where you feel less confident. The support that your partner can give you is also discussed in detail. We also discuss the atmosphere in which you want to give birth.

You can record all your wishes in a birth plan that is created step by step.

I indicate which options there are regarding childbirth and we will look for your needs to follow your own path.

Because a birth does not always go the way you had in mind, it is a very good idea to think about other scenarios in advance. What would you choose if things turned out differently? In this way we can prevent as many situations as possible in which decisions are made for you because you are not aware of all options well enough.

During the birth, I think it is important that you and your partner are always well informed, so that you can make well-considered choices yourself. I will always check this and support you where necessary to get all the information you need to be able to make these choices based on objective information.

Ways to relieve the pain during childbirth can be: stimulating pressure points, massage, giving counter pressure and changing birth positions. I can already explain many of these techniques to your partner in the preparation for the birth, so that we can assist you in the best possible way.

I will help you to stay connected, with yourself, with your body, and with your child, to concentrate on yourself and to keep your focus. But also to let go of the tension and to rest for a while so that you can surrender to what your body is telling you. The loving continuous guidance, in wich you feel supported, in combination with the powerful tools that we can use to cope with the contractions make the difference!

Specifically I offer

Help with making a birth plan.

Emotional support: reassuring and encouraging you and your partner.

Physical support: suggestions for body positions to cope with contractions, offering food and drinks, massage, pressure point massage, counter pressure for back contractions, relaxation techniques using the Rebozo* and breathing techniques to ensure balance, rest, comfort and relaxation.

Informative support during pregnancy and childbirth.

Where necessary, I support or take care of communication between you and your partner and the birth team. I will monitor your wishes and will do my best to ensure that your wishes are leading.

* A traditional sling and massage wrap from Mexico that has been used by midwives in Central America since ancient times. The cloth is used during childbirth to create relaxation, to promote movement (also in a lying down position), and to promote concentration on your own body, so that you can close yourself off from interference.


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