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Rent Elle Tens

TENS: Transcutaneous Electro Neuro Stimulation.

Birth TENS is a modern, efficient way of pain relief, without side effects and without risks for mother and child. The current pulses of the Elle TENS helps your body to produce natural painkillers (endorphins).
The production of this body's own painkiller starts at the moment your birth begins. By using TENS, the endorphin level is increased to the maximum. The current pulses of TENS are sent via special gel pads to the underlying nerve fibers.
You are in control of the TENS device. By pressing the "burst" button (the basic stimulation), you stimulate the production of endorphins. During the contractions you switch to the "boost" mode by pressing a button. This provides a different stimulation. This form of stimulation blocks the pain stimuli so you will feel less pain.
Because you can relieve the pain, you are more able to relax. As a result, the dilation often goes faster. Because you have less pain, you are able to recover faster after giving birth. Less pain takes less energy!
Birth TENS:
  • Harmless to mother and child
  • No side effects
  • No impairment of natural bodily functions
  • Control of the pulses
  • Can be used both at home and in hospital
  • Combination with other methods of pain relief possible
  • Also useful for other pain relief such as after-effects

The Birth TENS cannot be used: If you have heart problems or a pacemaker. In the shower or bath
Rental costs: €65,00 (excl. shipping costs) including new special gel pads including spare batteries rental period from 37 weeks of pregnancy up to a week after your baby is born.


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