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Miriam has been extremely valuable to me during the delivery.
Not only has she tirelessly relieved my pain by massaging me for hours during the dilation phase, but her massage after the birth also helped to relieve the after-effects.
It was so nice that Miriam really took the time for me and was always ready to answer questions.
This has helped me a lot, especially after the delivery, during my recovery. All in all it was really nice to have her there!

I grant all women a doula at the birth of their child because I know that this has had an important and very positive effect on our family.
Miriam gave so much support, safety, relaxation and love for me, Sebastiaan and our whole family before, during and after the birth of Madelief!
A very beautiful experience that we will never forget and that we will continue to cherish.

Miriam is very patient. In the preparation period she takes the time to look with you for all the options you have, so that a beautiful birth plan is created.
This gave me a lot of peace and confidence. During the delivery, the techniques she uses to cope with the contractions helped me a lot. For hours and hours she and my husband alternately gave me back pressure, massage, cooled me down, warmed me up, gave me food and drinks.
That went very naturally because she had already explained a lot to my husband during the preparation. I was faced with unexpected choices, but I dared to ask questions and made the decisions myself. That felt so good!
Miriam, thanks to your loving guidance, despite all the challenges that occured, it was a wonderful birth experience for us.



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