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What am I doing

What am I doing

What can you expect from me?

  • A non-binding introductory meeting.
  • Two follow-up appointments.
  • Support via Whatsapp or by telephone during the pregnancy.
  • From the 37th week of pregnancy up to and including week 42 I am “on call” 24/7. If the birth announces itself before the 37th week, I will do my very best to be able to attend.
  • Continuous support during childbirth until well after birth.
  • Taking notes during birth.
  • Taking pictures during birth.
  • A backup doula if necessary in exceptional cases.
  • Availability by telephone in the period after the birth
  • A postpartum visit approximately six weeks after the birth.

If you would like me to be your doula, I will inform you extensively about my guidance, the agreements and the possibilities.


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