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Who I am

Who I am

A Doula for you

My name is Miriam Vermeer. I live in Nuenen, with my two sons who are already adults.

After my Pedagogical study, I worked in various pedagogical settings. I worked with deaf children, in regular childcare, as a homework tutor and as a consultant for childminders and parents. In addition to my work as a doula, I am currently working as a pedagogical coach in childcare.

From the moment I first spoke to a doula, this profession has sparked something in me. It never let go of me! In 2018 I followed the BIA doula training, and at the beginning of 2019 I obtained my certificate. This was an amazing journey that I remember with great pleasure and gratitude.

Birth is a very important event in a parent's life. I think it is wonderful to be able to contribute to making this powerful process into something that parents can think of with pride and love, and to take on the challenges that the process presents together with them and to put women in control!

It feels like a privilege to admire the moment of the parent(s) meeting the baby. Not only a baby, but also the parent is born. It touches me every time that parents give me the confidence to experience this moment together with them.

Education and training

BIA Doula Training in 2018/2019 (Jennifer Walker and Joyce Hoek- Pula)

Expanding Normal Birth Conference May 2018.

Spinning Babies Training May 2019 (by Jennifer Walker)

Day training 'physiological guidance for doulas' by midwife Rebekka Visser October 2020

I am a recognized member of the Dutch Professional Association for Doulas: de NBVD.



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